Regulatory Challenges by Desmond Teo Yen Koon in Humanitarian Organizations

Following Super and the Hurricane Storm Sandy many of the relief efforts were brought in and permitted to cut through red tape and bureaucracy to deliver the products. Hours of service rules’, the Department of Transportation, gave waivers because of the’ in the trucking industry. This meant that over eight hours could be driven by truck drivers . The rescue relief efforts had to do this or they can get supplies and, things like gas to the gasoline channels. The trucks had to be rerouted, which took enormous amounts of time up despite the fact that a hundred miles may be traveling. What many people do not understand is that this problem happens all the time. Regulations and all of the rules slow down the flow of products and the distribution chain. It is interesting that the government does not know that enterprise hurts and getting things done, but they realize they need to forgo regulations, if the government wants to get things. That is interesting is not it?

Humanitarian organizations after natural disasters

Now there are Challenges in these, and efforts are matters that organizations undergo all of the time irrespective of which country they are currently helping. If the business is big or small it matters, they want bureaucrats and politicians so that they can get their work done, conducting block for them. They get caught up in of the rules and regulations, and are dead in the water not able to help those people they are assigned to provide relief and assistance efforts to.

Humanitarian organizations after natural disasters have to proceed. If they are not able to do certain things because there’s some rule impeding their progress, or bogged down filling out forms, then nothing gets done, and nobody gets helped. Hurricane Super Storm Sandy was a perfect case in the wake in Lower Manhattan, Atlantic City, and other areas in New Jersey. Totally, and the government had to take charge dismiss large numbers of regulations and rules to do what they had to do. If they had been unable to skip Float through the blob of bureaucracy and all that red tape, and those laws, they would not have been able to help anybody, much less themselves. All the desmond teo yen koon forms were filled out, and that which was done by the book, if they would have waited until everything was correct, more people drown in the wake or would have been without food, water, electricity, and even frozen to death. I hope you will please think on it and consider this.