How To Gain Muscle Mass With Ostarine

As the adverse side effects of steroids become more evident with the increasing body of research on them, many people are now turning to safer enhancement methods such as SARMS to enjoy the same benefits as those offered by steroids.Ostarine or MK-2866 is a tremendously popular SARM amongst the fitness community and bodybuilders for its abilities to develop lean and healthy muscle masswithout afflicting any harmful side effects as opposed to steroids. So how can you pack on more muscles by using Ostarine? Read on to find out.

SARMs And Steroids

How Does Ostarine Work to Increase Muscle Mass?

Ostarine has a high affinity for androgen receptors in cells of selective tissues such as the muscles and bones. It binds with these receptors to increase the levels of nitrogen and protein in the body, both of which are the main component of musculature. Being highly selective, Ostarine molecules don’t react with cells of other vital organs and thus, effectively protects and develops muscle tissues without retaining water in the body or causing any adverse side effects. Check out this great site for more on the working of Ostarine.


The recommended dosage for safe use of Ostarine is between 20 to 30 mg per day in 6-week cycle. The cycle should not exceed 12 weeks under any circumstances as it can start to suppress the normal testosterone levels in the body. Also, since it has a half-life of 24 hours, the recommended dosage for a day can be taken in a single go.


The benefits and results of Ostarine can be increased phenomenally by stacking it with other SARMs for a joint effect. The combination of Ostarine and Andarine is perfect for cutting as it has proven to deliver fast and reliable results for many people. Likewise, the combination of Ostarine and Ibutamoren can fix issues of joint pain in no time, even when nothing else seems to help.